Saturday, January 21, 2006

Georgetown Pub, Bank Street @ Belmont (formerly the Fergus Inn)

This place has become a bit of a hangout for us since we instituted Pub Fridays. The deal there is that we needed a way to see friends that we almost never see now that we have a baby. And it also means that once a week, I'm guaranteed someone else cooks. It's worked out pretty well, since it's not as crowded as Patty's Pub. Most of the people we go with also have kids. We've even got a favorite table - the one around the corner from the door that has a big table and it's own TV. It's set away from the rest of the restaurant - which is good if baby is fussy, and we have a ton of room for strollers and high chairs.

Some of the things we have learned about this place:
- service can be pretty good, though there is at least one waitress who has screwed up our orders and backtalked our guests.
- The cheese that is extra with the lamb burger is totally not worth ordering.
- Baby loves the sweet potato fries (he's a bit of a sweet potato monster!).
- the Chocolate Pecan Pie is amazing the first time, and then it became too sweet the second time I had it.

I'd definitely pick it as a place to go now over the Arrow and Loon - since the change in management and ownership, the Loon just is not the same homey neighbourhood pub it used to be..