Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Pelican Grill, 1500 Bank Street, April 14, 2006

This is the place to go for seafood! I often pick up salmon from the Pelican Fishery (attached to the Grill) and I overheard they would be open for Good Friday. Since we had friends who wanted fish for Friday dinner, we wound up going to the grill.

It's a good thing I called for a reservation, otherwise we never would have gotten in. The service was good - the servers wer every attentive and polite.

And the food was delicious! Best seafood I I have had in a long time. We all remarked that it was the best seafood dinner ever, even despite the fact that one of our group doesn't eat seafood (warning here: there are no main dishes without seafood in them).

I have never seen (or tasted) mussels as fresh or as voluptuous as the ones they served my hubby and his friend. Served in a garlic and white wine sauce, each mussel was plump and juicy. The appetizer could have served as a meal on its own. For my main dish, I ordered the paella. For the first time I have ever seen in a restaurant, it had more seafood in it than anything else. Each bite had at least one piece of squid, or shrimp. There might have also been some scallops included, and I know I got more mussels. Hubby had cedar planked salmon with vegetables. I wish i had tried some.

Even our sweet baby ate more than I have ever seen him eat! One dinner roll, along with a selection of green beans, carrots and broccoli that came from our plates. And this was after he finished his standard half jar of baby food and cereal that he typically eats.

Prices were probably in line with what you would expect to pay for seafood (The paella was $19), but it was certainly worth it. As far as ambiance and comfort goes.. it was a little loud and bright. The layout is such that you can see the bustle of kitchen through one of those pass throug windows. The servers all kind of circle around and back that area, picking up orders, ringing in checks...a casual atmosphere for sure. I felt a little cramped at our table, but again, the quality of the food is high.

Even the crusty buns were fresh and hot, and the butter served with it was already softened, which always makes it much easier to spread.

This will certainly be a place we return to.