Wednesday, November 05, 2008

grow a mo for prostate cancer

November. For some, it's a long, dreary month that signals the arrival of colder temperatures. For the Prostate Cancer Rearch Foundation, November has become Movember, and men all over Canada the world are encouraged to grow a moustache in support of prostate cancer research.

I'm not a man, so I can't grow a mo. Instead, I'm paying good money to see my brother-in-law (not BIL or BBIL, but the other one) grow one.

I'm also making an effort to get back into food-blogging. I was going to cheekily suggest that not posting during October was my backwards way of participating in Nablopomo, but in reality, I took a bit of a blog holiday to focus on some other projects (my kids, my job search, packing my dad's house up, my newfound obsession with vintage Fisher Price toys...). Seriously, if I thought I could blog every day for a month, I would participate.

Anyway, stay tuned...

Sponsor a Mo for Prostate Cancer

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