Monday, March 30, 2009

definitely not your typical battlefield rations

Here’s some interesting work news, which ties beautifully into the theme of this blog.

My job involves writing. A few days ago my colleague and cube mate was talking about needing to put together some two line descriptions on the inspiration and ingredients for each of the canapés that will be served at the next exhibition opening, which is all about camouflage and deception.

The chef is proposing some interesting hors d’oeuvres: salmon lollipops encrusted with black sesame seeds, cheese martinis (garnish becomes main ingredient), mushroom espressos and tequila mango shooters, among other things. I’m not going to give too much away until the actual big day, which won’t be for a few months yet. But the whole team is very excited.

Obviously, I jumped on the opportunity. What self-respecting foodie/writer wouldn’t?

In addition to creating the descriptions, I’m also writing a chef’s statement and sprucing up the actual names we give the canapés. And so, all in the name of research, I can go visit the chef, ask him questions about each of his selections, his preparation methods, tricks of the trade… the list goes on. The chance to interview a professionally-trained chef has been pretty heady. (I don't get out much...)

I’ve also pulled up all kinds of videos and recipes on trompe l’oeil food. It's always nice to be able to indulge a personal interest on company time...

As work assignments go, this is a pretty good one!

PS I finally (after almost 3 months) figured out how to make my Twitter feed appear on my blog without that annoying sign-in box. My days of feeling technically inclined are numbered, I can tell.

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