Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Barley Mow, Kanata

I go to the Barley Mow every Friday for lunch with work colleagues. They were there on opening day 5 years ago and they have been going ever since.

Now that it's been almost 2 years I've been going to the Mow -as it is affectionately know as by the regulars - every Friday, I have a list of things I really like about the place:

- Lori: She's the smiley blond featured in one of the articles about the Mow. I can't say enough good things about her. She provides stellar friendly service - and probably everyone else who works there follows her example.
- the daily menu board: After two years, you are bound to have tried everything on the menu, with varying degrees of success. The daily menu board gives everyone a chance to experiment with ingredients on hand. Most times I opt for this.
- they way they provide the service: each table is not assigned a particular waitress. Rather, they have this cool system where everyone does rounds and watches all the tables. They know who has ordered drinks (the coasters will be on the tables) and lunch is brought to you by whoever is free. There may be other finer intracacies than that, but as a customer, it's just great to know that you can count on them all.

I've also been to the Barley Mow on Bank Street, but I find it just doesn't have the same atmosphere. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that my colleagues have established the very friendly relationship that comes with being long time regulars (how many other customers does Lisa invite to tip cows?). I think that it also has to do with the space - the Bank Street Mow feels very cramped.

In any case, whether you eat off the regular menu or you try their daily specials, the staff at the Kanata Barley Mow definitely make me feel welcome there any time!!

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