Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I got Choc-o-lot in my Pock-o-lot

Like a large majority of people, I love chocolate. My preference is for dark chocolate (though 75% is about my limit - after that it gets too dry)

We've been buying a lot of higher end chocolate bars. By higher end, I mean one that costs more than the basic candy bar which use low grade chocolate (According to Wikipedia, the term is compound chocolate). There are definitely even better chocolates out there (hello Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut) but the is a quick and easy indulgence.

Here's some of the ones we like:

Lindt Excellence Madagscar: a sweet, smooth aftertaste (65% cocoa)
Lindt Creation Cherry Chili: chocolate with a wicked chili pepper jelly fill that kicks (70% cocoa)
Cemoi Noir Quinoa (Organic): chocolate with crunchy quinoa. kind of like a chocolate covered rice krispie square, only healthier (60% cocoa)

Hubby brought this one home today. This purchase was tongue in cheek - a reference to his desire for a man hut all of his own.

Literally, the label is translated as "dark man chocolate Bitter for men", but really, it could be interpreted in so many ways. *wink*

(Note: the title of this post is in reference to a Laurie Berkner song. The Lima Bean is nutso for Laurie. If you have kids and need music you can listen to as well, Laurie's albums are great!)

When I walk I walk a lot
And when I talk I talk a lot
And when I’m not, what do I got?

Choc-o-lot! I got choc-o-lot!
I got choc-o-lot in my pock-o-lot!


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