Sunday, May 18, 2008

unscientific proof

My son, the Bean, and I have established a little bedtime ritual that warms my heart, as all good rituals should.

Every night, after we brush his teeth and before he goes off to his room to read stories with daddy, he gives me a hug and a kiss. Then we blow each other one more kiss for good measure.

A few months ago I started "catching" his kisses and telling them I was keeping them in my heart. I pretend to pull his blown kiss out of the air and push it into my heart by patting my chest and saying "caught it. I'll keep it in my heart."

The cute part was when he started mimicking me -- he catches the kiss, says (in a very serious, quiet whisper) "Caught it. Keep it in my heart." and then pats his heart. Except that the area he pats is closer to his belly button. And even though I know he watches me closely, and knows his belly button, he continues, night after night to catch kisses and put them in his belly. I've never corrected him.

Not only do I love this ritual because it's just ours, but I love what it shows about the saying: (that even without food)


the face to break a thousand hearts

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