Sunday, May 04, 2008

musical interlude

My past musical posts have come from concerts, my husband's iTunes collection and from my head. Short on time and needing some inspiration tonight, I did a Google search for food-related music.

The search for "songs about food", turned up 1,630,000 listings. They range from (Bon Appetit Party Playlist: Best Food Songs) to (525 Songs About Food) and the food section (Edible Audio: 100 Songs About Food). Kiddidles songs about food for kids is woefully incomplete, since it doesn't contain any of the Laurie Berkner classics like Choc-o-lot in my pock-o-lot or Victor Vito.

I was particularly intrigued by the Beatles song Savoy Truffle, which made #1 on the epicurious list. It was also recommended in a Chowhound forum. Although I wasn't born during Beatlemania, their songs are embedded in my consciousness thanks to massive replays by my parents, my parents' friends, and even some of my friends. But I'd never heard this one. Turns out it's all about chocolate, one of my favorite subjects.

For more information on the song's history, check out the Wikipedia entry for Savoy Truffle.

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