Thursday, June 26, 2008

199 more words on milk..

I found this article from the Toronto Star that highlights some differences between organic milk and conventional milk. It substantiates a lot of what I wrote, misses some information and adds some new information.

It is interesting to note that pesticides are not covered in this article either.

I've copied their summary chart verbatim, below. But do check out the original article.

  • no growth hormones (rbST)
  • other hormones for lactation timing and/or breeding purposes may be used
  • medicated feed (feed with low-level antibiotics) not allowed
  • antibiotics to treat sick animals allowed
  • feed additives such as Rumensin, to increase growth, may be present
  • animal by-products from poultry/pig may be used **
  • no mandatory outdoor access (but most have access)
  • cows may be tied in a "tie stall"or freer to move in "free stall"


  • no hormones of any sort
  • no medicated feed
  • no antibiotics unless animal's life in danger; taken out of system for at least two weeks
  • no feed additives
  • no animal by-products in feed
  • mandatory outdoor access (weather permitting)
  • cows may be penned in a tie stall or free stall

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