Saturday, April 26, 2008

minty fresh

I was looking around at my favorite food blogs last week and the cucumber elixir posted by Jen at becoming a foodie looked so luscious and refreshing I had to go out and buy mint. But then I was left with a whole lot of mint, and as much as I'd like to keep drinking the Elixir, I need all my wits about me to manage the Bean and the Boo...

I was planning on making a tabouli salad with the leftovers, but then I came across a recipe for minted peas in olive oil.

Despite the fact that it came out of a Jamie Oliver cookbook, I consider it serendipity. I had peas. I had olive oil. I had lemon juice. I had mint. No additional shopping required. Perfect!

Note here: Originally I found the recipe while leafing through the actual cookbook at a local bookstore. I call it serendipity beause I am not a fan of JO, yet I was oddly drawn to pick up the book. And then it just kind of fell open to that page, as if someone WANTED me to see the recipe. (and if you must know why I'm not a fan, I'll have to rant about it in another post because it's just too long to explain here.

So how did my experiments with mint turn out?

Some of the comments I got about the Elixir:

"A cucumber-y mojito"
"Very refreshing"
"Great for a summer drink"
"I don't normally eat cucumbers, but this is great"

And the Minted Peas: In the words of my husband.."It's a keeper!". Judging by the fact that both the Bean and the Boo ate seconds and thirds, I'd say it was an unqualified success!

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Pamela said...

I'd like to hear your rant on Jamie Oliver this Tuesday! Very interested.