Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well, hello there!

What a thrill it is when you get your first comment on a post. And your second, and even your third. And at the same time, I feel a sense of panic. If people are reading, do they find it interesting? Will they come back? Do I have typos?

This blog is still in progress. But I'd like to give my thanks to:

  • redmenace, of a Chow Life. She was my very first blog commenter, and I have to confess to a secret thrill to know that someone other than my immediate family was reading the blog. Take a look at her blog, by the way - she posts interesting tidbits on food and the photography and layout are inspring!

    redmenace is also reading the same book (Julie & Julia) that I am at the moment. More on that later as I get through it.

  • Ruth, a fellow Canadian who hosts Presto Pasta Nights. I decided to join her round-up for a few reasons..

    1)Pasta is a big favourite in our house (the consequence of 2 little boys under 3 and a mommy who runs 5 km at least twice a week)
    2)Because of 1) I can always count on having at least one dish to submit every week. Other challenges I would like to do (like the Daring Baker challenge) would require extra time that I just don't have right now.

    My first submission to PPN was my Spinach, Sweet Potato and Pesto Lasagna. Check it out, and watch for more!

  • Ching, of Little Corner of Mine. Also a newbie to PPN, Ching was looking for inventive ways to use pesto. So glad I could help, Ching!

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Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for mentioning me and even better...thanks for sharing your pasta dish with Presto Pasta Nights. I can't wait for more of them to show up at my PPN parties.

And welcome to food blogging. The friends you make here will continue to inspire you, I'm sure.